OrgaTeam and Preparation

10th International Engineering Week

For ten years now, a team of international students from the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden has organised and managed the International Engineering Week, where international professors meet international students. Every year this incredible team brings forth so many different ideas and brings creativity to the process of planning and organising.

Before the details can be arranged, the head of the OrgaTeam has to decide on the main frame of the events. This year, Gotha, a beautiful old town close to the Thuringian Forest and with a lot of history, was the focus of the Wednesday events. Other activities, such as Monday afternoon and evening, coffee breaks and socializing are planned by the OrgaTeam. Weekly meetings were held every Wednesday to check up on the status of the process and for brainstorming and exchange of ideas and opinions. Overall the OrgaTeam is a very interactive and important part of the IEW, since students organize an event for students!


Dive into five days of students meeting professors, interesting lectures and unique moments. Enjoy!