The 10th Anniversary of the IEW




G'Day everyone, this is Lukas and Paul, this years main organisators for the 10th International Engineering Week, taking place at the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden, from 6th to 10th december 2021. As all the beautiful and brave students the years before us, we are trying hard, to make this years IEW a memorable week for all participating students! Allthough the current situation seems to be everlasting, we put all our hopes into a live version of the IEW as it was two years ago.
For everyone scrolling through memories of the IEW on our website and wondering how to participate, we would like to welcome you to our team, if you are interested in one of the following topics (no professional skills required):

  • website and media design (managing our Instagram account and the Liveticker on our website)
  • event management (planning awesome trips in our region)
  • financial magement (sponsoring our fun week)

For these three vacancies we need one student each, but if you like, you can apply as a group of two as well. The tasks will include to write appealing english and german texts, as not all companies are bilingual. Also this small group will only plan the week in advance, more awesome jobs will be available later this year.
If you are interested in organising the International Engineering Week 2021, please contact us via our email
Let's rock!