Thank you to all those who made this week possible.
To the professors for having traveled from so far away, to our students, to our dear organizing committee, to our leader Organizer Martin Hauschild and above all to Prof. Kolev who, for 9 years now, has made this week possible.

We hope that you had a wonderful week, that you learned a lot of new things and most of all that you made new contacts and Friends.


- Your OrgaTeam

Workshop Simple rules for bootstrapping your StartUp


 Today at TGF we received a very interesting Workshop:

"Simple rules for bootstrapping your StartUp" by Joanna Izdebski and Catharina Wassink

Where, with dynamics and very entertaining examples, Mrs. Izdebski and Mrs. Wassink talked to us about creativity as the skill of the future, innovation, attitude as a universal language, the importance of body language, the product as innovation and teamwork.

The workshop had as an objective:
Unleash your creative side, immerse yourself in the business world and understand the techniques needed to overcome challenges and achieve success.

"What is now proved was once only imagined" -William Blake (1757 - 1827) 






Last lecture of this year's IEW + Preparation for the exam


Last but not least, the last class of the 9th International Engineering Week. All groups together were able to attend Prof. Stefan Dominico's class, where he taught us about Vehicle Safety with focus on Airbag Sensing, something I think we are all interested in.


Now what's left of you is to study so that tomorrow you get an excellent mark in the exam!

Workshop NIDEC driveXpert


NIDEC driveXpert was also part of this year's IEW. Today they came to tell us about who they are and what they do.

"NIDEC driveXpert is your professional partner for integrated optimized mechatronic drive systems. As a research and development service provider our company supports its customers in all issues regarding the design, the optimization and the realization of mechatronic systems. With proved development processes we accompany our customers from the drive design to prototype stages through to the serial introduction of their product." []


Thursday's lectures


And that's how fast we're on the fourth day of this very special week. We hope you are having a good time here with us.

Today the classes started again at 8 am. The orange, pink and purple groups started with Prof. Guangwen Ding and his Maintenance of CNC Machine Tools class; while the red, blue and green groups started the day with Prof. Volodomyr Isanii and his A damper device class based on shape memory alloy wires.

Creuzburg Castle


After our visit today to DECEKL MAHO Seebach GmbH, we had a guided tour of Creuzburg Castle, where we were told several stories about the history of the castle.
Although the sun had already gone down the castle was illuminated with a beautiful Christmas decoration.

After the guided tour, they opened a cabin where they offered us hot drinks like hot wine, and pumpkin soup.

Afterwards we received a very pleasant welcome from a "Gaukler", a traditional German artist of the past centuries. It was he who called all the students into the restaurant and gave us a very fun and participative welcome. The show during and after dinner was very dynamic with songs and a lot of fun, and the dinner was delicious and we were able to have a good time together.

Company Visit - DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH


Today we went on an excursion to visit DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH.

At the beginning we were told a little about what DMG MORI is. Then we did a guided tour through the production where they explained every step of the production and their education system (in German: "Ausbildung"); they also explained to us the different products they produce.

We are very happy to know that this company seemed interesting to our students and also that many asked later for some kind of work or internship.

This is a clear reason why we like to take students to visit companies, students are more motivated to see how things really work in a company and also have the opportunity to speak in person and ask the questions that interest them, which is always a positive thing.


"The name DMG MORI stands for the partnership between two of the world's leading machine tool manufacturers: DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, Bielefeld, Germany, and DMG MORI COMPANY LIMITED, Tokyo, Japan. As a global integrated machine tool company, DMG MORI provide its customers with innovative machines, automation and complete technology solutions for the ‘Automotive’, ‘Aerospace’, ‘Die & Mold’ as well as ‘Medical’ industries. The range of products includes high-tech turning and milling machines, as well as Advanced Technologies, such as ULTRASONIC, LASERTEC and ADDTIVE MANUFACTURING. With app-based control and operating software, CELOS and innovative products of Software Solutions enables DMG MORI to shape the future for Industry 4.0. With a total of 14 production locations, 157 national and international sales and service locations the DMG MORI group has achieved a worldwide presence." [DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH Linkedin]

Wednesday's lecture


Today we started the day all groups together with Prof. Tumo Liimatainen, with a very interesting topic: Introduction to the fatigue of structures.

Mayor's Visit & Christmas Market - Schmalkalden


At the end of today's events we all went together to visit the Mayor of Schmalkalden in the municipal council.
The mayor commented a little about the history of schmalkalden and then invited us to drink Glühwein at the Christmas market.

Indian Cultural Program


After today's lectures, our Indian students made a beautiful presentation of their country and culture.
And what better way to get to know a new culture than by trying their typical foods? These students have also introduced us a little more to their culture; with typical food and drinks.

and I think I speak for everyone when I say it was delicious!!

Tuesday's lectures.


today officially begins the lectures of the 9th IEW.

The orange, pink and purple groups started the week with Prof. Hristo Hristov, with the introduction to wind turbines. While the red, blue and green groups started the week with Prof. Liu Dehua, with CNC Machining Technology.

After lunch the readings continued, the orange, pink and purple group continued with Speed control of hydraulic actuators dictated by Prof. Simo Sinkko, from Finland. And the red, blue and green group with Reliability engineering in machine operation with Prof. Marek Mlynczak.




Bowling Event


After the opening ceremony, we went to the Ehrental Hotel in Schmalkalden to play bowling.

One of the objectives of this week is the cultural exchange and meet new people, which is why this event is one of the favorites of the IEW. Not only the students know each other, but also the teachers, both the Germans and the guest teachers.

The bowling event is the best way to break the ice and start the best week of the year with the best vibes.

Opening Ceremony


The 9th International Engineering Week has begun!

Today was the opening ceremony, which started with very good vibes and music with "'Los K'nester".

Professor Kolev gave the introductory speech, thanking each of the participants of this week, both students and teachers, as well as the organizing group; he also introduced the guest teachers who come extra from other countries to make this week a reality.

Prof. Dr. Hettler, Vice Rector for Studies and International Relations , Mr. Rausch, Communication & Application Management  at the International Office, and the dean of the faculty of engineering, Prof. Dr. Pietzsch also said a few welcome words.

To close with the inauguration the representative of this year's organizing group, Martin Hauschild, commented on the dynamics of the week and invited everyone to an opening toast.

Only a few hours left


We are getting ready! Just a few hours left for the beginning of the IEW's 9th edition! we are waiting for you at 16:30 at H001.

please bring shoes with with white soles because after the Inauguration, we are going bowling!!!

Registration date


Dear students,

the registration for the International Engineering Week ends soon!
To take part in this exciting week, there is a participation fee of 40 € for each student which can be paid at the following dates:

FOR BACHELOR STUDENTS ONLY: Wed. 20th Nov. from 11:45am to 1:45pm in the Mensa
FOR ALL STUDENTS: Wed. 27th Nov. from 11:45am to 1:45pm in the Mensa

Please note: It's necessary to pay the fee, otherwise you can't participate at the event!

See you there,
the IEW Organization Team

Meet the organization team


Preparation for the IEW 2019



Dear students,

The semester break is almost coming to an end and it´s time to prepare the traditional International Engineering Week which will take place in December from 09.12.19 to 13.12.19 for the 9th time.

There will be interesting lectures by professors from abroad, who come especially for this. Many cool activities like bowling, a company visit, a mayor visit, a Workshop and much more are waiting for you too! At the end of the week there will be a voluntary exam that can bring you 2.5 CP depending on your course of study

If you´re interested to be a part of the organization team I would be glad if you join us! The first session will take place on the 09.10.2019 3pm in the room H0102. You also can simply register on StudIP at the event "9th International Engineering Week 2019".