General Information

Every year in December, a team of students from the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden organizes a week with many exciting lectures from all fields of engineering, information events, workshops and an extensive supporting and entertainment program. The portfolio of events includes the full range of technical topics. The main goal is to offer all participants a lot of new impressions, practical knowledge and a pleasing atmosphere for international networking. At the end of the week there is an examination (2.5 ECTS) which examines the contents of the lectures of the week. This year the International Engineering Week is taking place for the eighth time. The numerous field experiences of the previous participants and the website speak for themselves.


The organization is carried out by a team of students in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Emil Kolev from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Every committed student is given his or her own task or works in small working groups to make the IEW possible and above all even better. Through the multi-layered work in this framework, each employee involved gains important expertise in the areas of teamwork, project management and intercultural communication. However, not only the employees, but also the participants benefit from this type of organization! Only a creative team can create such an unforgettable week.


Students and lecturers from all over the world take part in the IEW. Students from all fields of engineering are cordially invited to actively influence the weekly program or to enjoy the week as participants.


Lectures are held in English from all technical fields (automotive industry, renewable energies, robotics and hydraulics etc.). In addition, workshops are organized by companies or information events on new trends and developments are held.

Culture and Entertainment

Every year there is an extensive cultural and entertainment program. This takes place during the breaks between lectures or as an independent event. Wednesday in particular is traditionally a particularly eventful day with company tours, guided city tours, the Christmas market and a common conclusion usually with a Christmas dinner in a rustic atmosphere.


Every student of the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden can register for IEW at Stud.IP! Stud.IP As the number of participants is limited, registrations will be considered in the order in which they are received.