International Engineering Week 2017 - Aftermovie

Thank you for beeing part of this amazing week!

Exam Admissions

Hey guys, here is the list of people who are allowed to partake in tomorrow's exam.

Coffee Break 14:45

Come get yourself some coffee and cake right after the lecture! See you there!

On Air now:

Studying and working in the United States - Prof. Anton Betten

On Air now:

Vehicle Safety with focus on Airbag Sensing - Prof. Stefan Dominico

Latest News:

Even though this morning's lecture finished early we still stick to the schedule. See you for lunch at 10:45am at the H building.


Hello guys!

Hope you enjoyed the first day of the 7th IEW. The opening ceremony went off without a hitch, especially those responsible for the registration of the students.

A big thanks to Prof. Kolev for the great presentation, we were honored to welcome our guest speakers, Mr. Heinemann, Mr. Pietzsch and Mr. Rausch.

Congratulations to the Red Group for winning the DaVinci Bridge building contest.

The Bowling Event afterwards was a great opportunity for all to get to know each other and we hope you all had a great time!

We have many photos from the event and will be updating this website regularly, so be sure to check them out!

IEW Orga Team

Coffe Break 14:45

You are in for a treat.

On Air now:

Wind Turbine Introduction - Prof. Hristo Hristov

Upcoming Robot-Workshop with Leoni

At 11:30 the Robot-Workshop will take place in H0002. Here you have a quick overview of the product portfolio from Leoni:

We look forward to a great week with you!


Get ready for LEONI Workshop at 11:30 am. (H0002)