16.09.2019 - Preparation for the IEW 2019


Dear students,

The semester break is almost coming to an end and it´s time to prepare the traditional International Engineering Week which will take place in December from 09.12.19 to 13.12.19 for the 9th time.

There will be interesting lectures by professors from abroad, who come especially for this. Many cool activities like bowling, a company visit, a mayor visit, a Workshop and much more are waiting for you too! At the end of the week there will be a voluntary exam that can bring you 2.5 CP depending on your course of study

If you´re interested to be a part of the organization team I would be glad if you join us! The first session will take place on the 09.10.2019 3pm in the room H0102. You also can simply register on StudIP at the event "9th International Engineering Week 2019".